Bob McGowan

CEO, President

Bob is the CEO/President of Mission Critical Solutions LLC, a leading producer of high-quality steel products. With over 30 years of experience across several industries, Bob has a passion for leading teams, a deep understanding of manufacturing, and a drive for innovation. Born and raised in the heart of the steel roots of Western Pennsylvania, Bob got his start working in blue collar industries. After earning his degree in Criminal Justice, he pivoted to the Pharmaceutical Industry as a sales rep. Bob quickly rose through the ranks, eventually serving as the Vice President of Regional Sales for a national brand. His entrepreneurial spirit drove him to start a Defense sub-contracting company in the mid 2000’s.  In 2008, Bob’s manufacturing experience led him to launch Mission Critical Solutions LLC. Over the past 15 years, MCS has become known for its production rate manufacturing in highly credential fields such as Transportation, Defense, Energy, Mining, Equipment, and Rail. Through cutting-edge technology and a commitment to sustainability, Bob leads an award-winning team of professionals.
Outside of leading MCS, Bob is committed to family and enjoying life’s adventures with his wife and two college age boys.