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In-house, MCS has a fully integrated CNC and Manual Machine shop equipped with not only the best machines in the industry, but also the best tradesmen and women that operate them. Our team of highly skilled and seasoned machinists are committed towards achieving outstanding accuracy while remaining consistent in all stages of the machining processes. 

Our CNC and Manual Machine shop are equipped with both milling and lathe machines in order to meet all of our customers needs and specifications. Our machine capabilities are as follows:

  • HAAS VF-11 Vertical Milling Center
    • Large machining platform for larger parts.
    • Axis travels of X120.” /Y40.” /Z30.”
  • Doosan DNM 400 Vertical Milling Center
    • Small platform for high-speed machining.
    • Axis travels of X30.” /Y17.2” /Z20.”
  • Doosan DNM 750 Vertical Milling Center
    • Mid-size platform for general machining.
    • Axis travels of X64.2” /Y30.” /Z25.6”
  • Doosan Puma 5100 LM Turning Center
    • Live tooling for secondary milling and drilling operations
    • Main spindle chuck size of 21”
    • Max turn diameter 25.6”
    • Max turn length 78.8”
  • Bridgeport Series 1 Milling Machine
  • Clausing Colchester 15”

Machining quality products and delivering to our customers exact needs is our commitment to you!

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