Meet The Team: Eric Mertens

Name: Eric Mertens
Years at MCS: 2
Job: Welding

In our next edition of Meet the Team, we would like to introduce Eric “Mert” Mertens! Eric has been an invaluable member of the MCS family for the past two years, bringing his expertise in welding and his can-do attitude to any and every project he is a part of.

Eric began his journey through a Co-op with Admiral Perry VoTec where he discovered his passion for welding and later found MCS. During his time at MCS, “Mert” has been able to step in and immediately make a tremendous impact; not only in his department, but also with his MCS family. 

As a welder, “Mert’s” craftsmanship and attention to detail have been contagious around his teammates, always pushing to make everyone better. Said best by Second Shift Supervisor, Tim Vatavuk, “That kid knows one mode…Turbo Mode!” 

At MCS, “Mert” particularly enjoys working on warheads as well as barriers. What speaks volumes about these two product lines is the quality standards that they must be held to. When you dive deeper into “Mert’s” background, you will quickly see where he gets his passion, precision, and attention to detail for welding on a daily basis.

Outside of work, you can often find “Mert” in the outdoors hunting, fishing, or riding his dirt bike. He enjoys deer hunting in archery season the best, and mainly fishes for bass and crappie. When riding, “Mert” likes to ride at Rock Run as well as around his house. 

One thing that sets “Mert” apart from just about everyone is a sport that his buddy CJ got him involved in while they were in high school. That sport is bull riding. While many people never get to experience the thrill involved with bull riding, “Mert” is one of the few who can say he has. Bull riding is not only very difficult, but also extremely dangerous. Often called “the most dangerous eight seconds in sports,” bull riding is not for the weak of heart or mind. While “Mert’s” bull riding days are over, he left the sport with countless memories and many life lessons. We not only want to thank “Mert” for his hard work and dedication to our team, but for also being a key piece of our MCS family!