Meet The Team: David Livingston

Name: David Livingston
Years at MCS: 8
Title: Supply Chain/Purchasing Manager

Behind every great endeavor are the individuals who bring it to life with their unique skills, passions, and personalities. Our team is a fine-tuned machine driven by diverse experiences and expertise and united by a common goal—to innovate, inspire, and make a difference. Get acquainted with the brilliant minds and creative spirits that drive our vision forward. We are pleased to open the curtain and give you an inside look into the life of one of our longest tenured employees, David Livingston. 

Vice President of Operations, Darin Mauzy had this to say about Dave:

“We are proud to have David on our team. Not only is he good at his job, he’s just a great guy overall. In sports, some athletes are known as good locker-room guys. David is our locker room guy. Excels at his job while also inspiring his team to be their best.”

David has been with MCS for nearly a decade. He started out in shipping but has since worked his way up to Supply Chain/Purchasing Manager. In addition, Dave also oversees the estimating team at MCS. It’s safe to say, David wears many hats and he takes pride in having a diverse work portfolio. When asked about the pride he takes in having the responsibility of overseeing a team, David credits his previous jobs, his life outside of work, and his love for MCS.

Before landing at MCS, David had a very diverse work history. He was the food service manager at the Somerset Prison for more than a decade, worked as a nurse’s aid at Conemaugh Hospital, and delivered packages for UPS. It’s evident through his work that Dave is a loyal employee who is able to pick up new skills and effectively lead teams. His ability to adapt and adjust to change is something that you don’t see often. He is thankful to have landed at MCS and wants to continue making the most of this opportunity.

“When I first started at MCS, I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into,” Livingston said. “The culture here is great, everyone is treated like family, and it’s enjoyable coming to work every day. All of those factors motivate me to excel in my role.”

Dave’s son, Alex Livingston also works at MCS as a General Laborer during breaks from college. Through the years, we’ve had many father-son duos working in our facility. That’s always special to us as not many people get the chance to work side-by-side with their children.

Alex says that working with his Dad and learning from him has been a major blessing.

“It’s really been enjoyable working with my father. I’m able to be a big help to my dad since I do the majority of my work in the shipping department and they work closely with purchasing. We are really like sidekicks at work as well. Even the little things like quality time riding back and forth to work has been very fun.” 

Purchasing Specialist, Chase Barefoot says working with Dave has been extremely valuable.

“I don’t really look at Dave as my boss, I look at him as a mentor. Purchasing is something that is completely new for me and with that comes a big learning curve. He challenges me daily and does the little things that help motivate me. When he senses I’m getting frustrated, he always makes a point to pull me aside and offer some words of wisdom. I’m thankful for the role Dave’s played in my career.”

Outside of work, David is passionate about his family and coaching volleyball. Dave is the Head Coach for the women’s volleyball team at Richland High School and serves Vice President/Head Coach for Ridgetop Volleyball Club in the offseason.

“As the head women’s volleyball coach, my love for the sport extends far beyond the confines of the court—it’s a passion that fuels me,” Livingston said. “Volleyball is more than a game; it’s a mix of strategy, athleticism, and teamwork that never fails to captivate me. Witnessing the growth and determination of each player, both individually and collectively, is immensely gratifying.”

We are proud to have people like Dave on our team. As we conclude this journey through our team’s diverse talents and personalities, one theme resonates — the strength that emerges when individuals come together with a shared purpose.