Meet The Team: Chase Barefoot

Name: Chase Barefoot
Years at MCS: 1
Title: Supply Chain Specialist

Take a look at our marketing material over the years. You’ll find one thing we can’t stop talking about. We are proud to be located in Bedford, PA. It is a small town with a big personality, filled with some of the best people. Something else that is unique about Bedford is the fact that people who grew up here, often don’t leave. No matter the reason; this means that generations of families have deep roots in the area. Those county roots run deep throughout the MCS building.

The Barefoot roots are alive and well at Mission Critical Solutions. Chase Barefoot is a 23-year-old Supply Chain Specialist who has called Alum Bank home all his life. He is a part of a family that has a large Bedford county footprint. Chase is proud to call Bedford home. Chase is a 2019 graduate of Chestnut Ridge High School. He got his start in welding through the GJCTC welding program here at MCS. After spending a few years at different manufacturing facilities, he ultimately decided MCS is where he wants to be.

“I originally applied to work at MCS because it’s only three miles from my house. Applying to MCS was one of my best decisions. I’ve worked at different manufacturing facilities; MCS by far has the best culture,” said Barefoot.

There is something else that is unique about Chase. He is one of the few people who have successfully transitioned from job to job within our system. After working diligently for several months as a welder, Chase successfully transitioned to a new role as a dynamic Supply Chain Specialist within the purchasing department.

Supply Chain Manager Dave Livingston had this to say about Chase, “Working with Chase is great, he is a hard working dedicated MCS team member. He is a very personable, humble guy that is always willing to take on any task in any area that he is needed. Chase is one of the newest supply chain members and has been a welcome addition to the team, can’t say enough good things about Chase and how lucky MCS is to have him.”

Chase prides himself on having a good work ethic. When asked where that mindset comes from, his answer was simple.

“My mom and dad”. Chase says that from a young age they taught him that in order to have nice things you must be willing to work hard. “

“Above the things they said, my mom and dad taught me through action. From the time I was around 12, my mom had me working in a greenhouse. More importantly, I watched how hard they worked to provide for our family,” said Barefoot.

Outside of work, Chase has a wide array of hobbies. In high school he was an active member of the high school rifle team. Now he enjoys hunting, fishing, tying his own flies, and hanging out with his friends and girlfriend.

We are proud of Chase and look forward to being a part of his future success!