Meet The MCS Team: Tim Mann

Name: Tim Mann
Position: Business Development Manager
Years at MCS: 4 Months

Tim Mann is no stranger to hard work. Tim graduated from The University of Pitt with a degree in Business Management. Only a few short months after graduation, Tim became a Contract Manager for FreightCar America. When you talk about loyalty, Tim Mann has it. Tim spent over 30 years at FCA, working his way up from Contract Manager to Product Manager. Tim enjoyed his time at FreightCar America but decided to retire after 30 years of service, with a full pension. We are fortunate to have Tim on our team, as our new Business Development Manager. At MCS, his primary role is to build relationships with potential customers and retain our already amazing partnerships. Tim works in sync with multiple departments at MCS such as our Project Managers and Purchasing Department.

Outside of work Tim enjoys spending time with his wife, Sue and two sons Tyler and Jacob. Tim enjoys going fishing with both of his sons. Most of his free time in the fall and winter is occupied by watching his son, Jacob, compete at track meets for The University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown. There is one thing that has always been Tim’s passion, football. More importantly, Tim loves coaching football. He has over 20 years of coaching experience under his belt and is currently an assistant with the Johnstown Area High School football team. When it comes to coaching, Tim loves being a mentor for youth football players, especially underprivileged youth in the Johnstown area.

Tim thinks that the lessons he has learned from football carry over to his success in the office. Football is all about building relationships, being detail oriented, and disciplined. Those are all traits that are essential to the success of a business. To his role as Business Development Manager, Tim has built excellent relationships with customers, some even leading to friendships. Tim also says “My passion fuels my work-ethic, landing a good sale is the same feeling as winning a close football game. You work hard building the relationship, getting the purchase order, and once you see the customer satisfied with the outcome; it really does mean the world to me.”

Tim says that from the moment he walked through the doors at MCS, he knew the culture was different. Tim says, “I couldn’t put my finger on it, something just felt right. Everyone was friendly and acted like they had been friends with me for years”. We are excited to welcome Tim Mann to MCS!

“Passion Fuels my Work-Ethic”

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