Critical Matters: The Unseen Logistical Advantage

Unlocking Efficiency

Nestled within a mere 0.5 miles of the Pennsylvania Turnpike, our strategic location offers unparalleled advantages for both our operations and our clients. As the arteries of commerce crisscross the state, our proximity to the PA Turnpike & U.S Rt. 99 ensures seamless connectivity to major markets, suppliers, and distribution hubs. Whether you’re shipping raw materials or delivering finished products, our accessible location translates into streamlined logistics, reduced transit times, and cost savings. Join us on this journey as we explore how our close proximity to the PA Turnpike propels our business forward, driving growth and efficiency.

The Power of Proximity

Our manufacturing facility’s proximity to the PA Turnpike isn’t just about convenience; it’s a game-changer for our bottom line. Here’s how:

  1. Reduced transportation costs: Every mile counts when it comes to shipping raw materials or delivering finished goods. Being a mere 10 miles from the PA Turnpike means shorter transit distances, translating to lower fuel expense, decreased wear and tear on trucks, and optimized delivery routes.
  2. Efficient Supply-Chain: The turnpike acts as a vital artery connecting major cities and markets. Suppliers can reach us swiftly, minimizing lead times.
  3. Distribution Agility: When our products roll off the assembly line, they’re ready to hit the road. Whether it’s shipping to neighboring states or accessing the country, the Turnpikes network ensures access to distribution centers & customers.
  4. Emergency Response: In times of crisis, rapid response matters. Our proximity to the Turnpike allows us to help customers get out of a tough situation related to strict timelines.
  5. Laydown Yard Available for Customers: With the acquisition of new buildings and land, MCS now has 17 acres of laydown yard available. This laydown space will be available to customers and businesses looking to store products. If you’re looking for laydown space, look no further!

Save Money & Time

In the competitive landscape of manufacturing, every dollar saved counts. Our strategic location near the Turnpike isn’t just about convenience; it’s a cost-saving engine that keeps our business agile, efficient, and ahead of the curve.