Critical Matters: Reflecting on 15 Years of MCS

A Vision Turned into Reality

Nearly 5,475 days ago, Mission Critical Solutions was an idea brought to life by founder Bob McGowan. He knew the road to having a successful manufacturing facility would be long. It wasn’t easy and there were many challenges and long nights within the first decade of business. For Bob, those obstacles were an opportunity to grow and become successful; there was a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. 

Fast forward 15 years and those challenges have paid off immensely and we are now standing in that glimmer of light. Within the past three years, MCS has nearly tripled our number of employees and expanded its footprint within multiple industries including Defense, Energy/Mining, Equipment, Rail, and Transportation. 

The biggest transition within the past few years was turning a traditional “job-shop” into a production-level manufacturing facility. Transitioning an entire company’s portfolio from one-off jobs to multiyear production-style contracts is no small feat. Bob McGowan will be the first to tell you that he couldn’t have done it by himself. All the credit goes to our teammates at MCS who understand the company vision and work hard every day to turn that vision into reality. 

Words from our team

Since our teammates are the stars of this show, we asked them what they think about the growth of Mission Critical Solutions. 

Sherry Egbert, Shipping and Receiving Manager: “I have seen a great deal of change since my arrival at MCS in 2012. The facility has greatly improved. We’ve taken down walls, built offices, added garage doors, moved and upgraded equipment to better streamline processes.” 

Sherry continues, “I have seen the business grow from one project at startup, to a job-shop, and now a reputable production-level facility. This has all been possible because of the trust, confidence, and support from our leaders Bob, Darin, and Rik.” 

Pam Hansel, Administrative Assistant: “When I began working for MCS in November 2017, it was a different environment than I had previously worked in and I wasn’t sure what to expect. In the six years that I have been here, I have watched MCS more than double in employees and increase significantly in manufacturing orders. The leadership inspires and motivates others while encouraging the potential to become better. I am proud to be a part of the MCS team!” 

Tim McClain, Welder:I started at MCS nearly 2 years ago because it was 5 minutes away from my new house. What I found here was far more than a short commute and better schedule. I was welcomed with open arms by leadership and my coworkers quickly turned into family. During my time here, I have seen many setbacks become our biggest strengths. It’s easy coming to work everyday knowing that the individuals who run our facility keep the best interest of employees their #1 priority. In my short time here, what I’ve seen Bob, Darin, and Rik build at MCS is truly remarkable.” 

Mike Vigne, CPA/Controller: “I have been side by side with Bob and his family for nearly a decade. I can say, from personal experience, I’m not sure there is another group of people that work harder than the team at Mission Critical. MCS has been one of the most enjoyable places to work. I’ve been an accountant all my life. In most cases, accountants are not usually seen as part of the team, all companies have accountants, but they don’t really know the accountant. From day one at MCS, it felt like family. I’m only in the office once or twice a week but during those days everyone makes a point to come and have conversations with me. The positive work environment at MCS is what stands out the most. I’m appreciative to be a part of this team. I’m also appreciative to call the people at MCS lifelong friends.”

Nick McGowan: Business Development/Marketing: “While I was only 6 years old when MCS began its operations, my first memories were going on weekend rides with my Dad to check things out at the shop, thinking the world of everything I got to see. A few years later, my “work” at MCS consisted of getting muddy catching toads in the back of the building. Fast forward to now, I have been fortunate to be involved in, as well as gain an appreciation for each area that makes MCS so special, from shop laborer to business development.”

“I can attest that my Dad, Bob, has put his life into making MCS what it is today; all from a vision he had 15+ years ago. While the journey to where MCS is now had its ups and downs, the same vision that was cast 15 years ago still shines bright to this day!”


Mission Critical Solutions has undergone some significant changes over the years. Some of our longest-tenured teammates have seen firsthand all the obstacles we overcame to get here. They appreciate the support and guidance that our leadership provides but the truth is, each one of us has contributed something special to this place and our combined effort is the reason we are here today celebrating 15 years of excellence. 

Although we are always forward thinking, it’s important in these moments to take a step back and appreciate the journey. Like anything in life, the journey isn’t easy, but the destination is well worth it. In a world that’s overcome with bad news, we are happy to share this positive achievement. If you’re still reading, there’s a good chance you’ve played a role in our success, and we thank you.  

Here’s to the next 15+ years of providing excellent products and services!