Critical Matters: Bulletin 15 6GR Approved

We have some very exciting news that you’ll be happy to hear. Our welders have been working hard over the past few weeks to complete the Bulletin 15 6GR welding approval.  As you may know, the 6GR approval is a rigorous test only achieved by craftsman welders. What makes this test so challenging is the plate that needs to be welded around the pipe, severely restricts the welder’s angle. Passing this test is considered a major career achievement. We are happy to share that we have been approved and this will increase our capabilities, particularly in support of the transportation industry. 

What is 6GR?

Breaking it down into simple terms; 6 stands for the welding position, G represents the groove, and R stands for restriction. To receive this certification, the welder must demonstrate the skills necessary to place an accurate weld. Attaching a restriction ring to a pipe that has uneven thickness is no small feat, as it severely restricts the welder’s angle. It’s considered the most challenging welding test to pass. Oftentimes, it takes welders dozens of tries before one of these welds get officially approved. At MCS, we have some of the best welders in the area. Now, our welders have the credentials to back it up. 

Celebrating our team

We are so proud of our welders Jan Dibert, Cortland Appleman, and Crispin Bartley and hope you will join us in celebrating their success. This crew has been at MCS for several years and are integral to our success. Over the course of eight weeks, these three welders have attempted over 500 practice welds in preparation of taking the
test. The practice paid off. They all passed their test, marking a major career milestone. 

“We couldn’t be happier, it was stressful but we got it done,” said Dibert. Only 25% of all welders have the honor of being recognized as 6GR welders. Jan also mentioned that the three welders leaned on each other throughout this process. 

“We helped each other out tremendously, we were lined up together and struck an arch at the exact same time; we couldn’t have done it without each other,” Dibert said.

When asked what’s next in Jan’s career, he said “I’m very proud. We put our minds to it and got it done, we said one way or another we are going to pass this test. There is nothing more to achieve than continuing to work hard day-in and day-out.”

At MCS, we couldn’t be more proud to support the accomplishments of our workers. We want to applaud Jan, Cortland, and Crispin for doing something many welders only dream about. 

“These are three top-of-the-line welders,” says Rik Roman, Director of Manufacturing. “They make my job easier and we couldn’t be happier having them on our team.”