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Critical Matters: Reflecting on 15 Years of MCS

Nearly 5,475 days ago, Mission Critical Solutions was an idea brought to life by founder Bob McGowan. He knew the road to having a successful manufacturing facility would be long. It wasn’t easy and there were many challenges and long nights within the first decade of business.

Meet The Team: Brian Clark Jr.

There are certain people who are meant to make a difference in this world. Oftentimes, not by doing anything extraordinary. The people who make the biggest difference in others’ lives are the people who show up every day with a good attitude, willingness to listen, passion to learn, and have a big heart.

Meet The Team: Eric Mertens

In our next edition of Meet the Team, we would like to introduce Eric “Mert” Mertens! Eric has been an invaluable member of the MCS family for the past two years, bringing his expertise in welding and his can-do attitude to any and every project he is a part of.

Critical Matters: Importance of Prototyping

Without a doubt, doing production level work within the defense industry is high risk, high reward. There are many challenges that companies are faced with when doing defense work. Oftentimes, companies are dealing with important deadlines, high tolerances, exact specifications, and many more intrinsic production details.

Specialty Services

Here at MCS, we have a variety of job opportunities outside the shop. We are always searching for passionate and experienced engineers, project and supply-chain specialists, and business development professionals.